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It's nice that somebody would to know somethings about us. First of all we must to tell you we aren't any serious programmers on Atari, even we haven't got any Atari computer. So how it's possible we made a 'Sweety Buildings'? It's stolen software from somebody??? No !!! Sandra's brother and Timea's father are both musicians and they used Atari computers for connecting with synthetisers and making music. But for about year ago they bought PCs and these computers didn't need anymore. We're both visiting the same school and class and we study for about 1.5 year informatics, but not very special things - how to work in Windows, Word, Excel and so on, not very interesting, really. Sandra found at home a very good book about Motorola 68030 programming and we were fascinated what is possible to do with computer using assembler language. And with help of our teacher we started to learn programming on Atari Falcon (the teacher helped us with finding informations on Internet and understanding some phrases). Since we haven't home Internet access and our school has a lot of limitations in this case and since we're very young (from our family's view!) to travel to various Atari sessions we haven't much informations about Atari scene (it's miracle we found Dead Hackers Society's site). OK, that's all about us and Atari, here you can look on our photos:





Sandra live in Poprad, but she study in Rimavska Sobota, where Timea live, too (it's quite away between Poprad and Rimavska Sobota!). If you want to contact us, try to write to coolgirls@mail.com

Our first intro:
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Chosneck #2 Intro download
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our another project: CCG
and be happy we didn't release full user's list of elite's and vex's ftp sites :))

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